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WASH: Bamboo Wash Cloth

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Smooth. Cleansing. Non-abrasive.

Our bamboo flannels/face cloths are a great eco-friendly option and an excellent complement to all the Queen Street Apothecary's range of products. 

The bamboo towelling is naturally anti-bacterial, sustainable, quick-drying, durable and absorbent. They are perfect for washing your face kindly and gently and excellent at removing makeup when used with the Gentle Gel Enzyme Cleanser. 

Each cloth measure approx 9" x "9 (approx 23cm x 23cm). They are hand-cut, so slight variations in the sizes may occur. 

To care for your bamboo face cloths, simply rinse well after use and place them in your washing machine with a normal load of washing. 

Colour: Dark Grey

Active Ingredients


23cm x 23cm

Suitable For

Removing your cleanser and exfoliator

How To Use

Rinse with warm water. Use when cleansing your face to remove product and make up. Rinse after use and wash in your washing machine with your regular load.

Best Friends With

Free From

Full Ingredients

90% bamboo
10% polyester

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