Spotlight On Vitamin C And Why You Need It In Your Skincare

Spotlight On Vitamin C And Why You Need It In Your Skincare

What Is Vitamin C (and why it matters in skincare)? 

L-ascorbic Acid otherwise known as Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants and potent skincare ingredients used in modern skincare. You’ll see Vitamin C sprinkled [heavily] throughout the products we offer at Queen Street Apothecary for a very good reason - it’s so damn effective!

Having gained an enviable reputation amongst skincare aficionados worldwide, it’s fast become one of the must-have ingredients for any active skincare range. But why?

Well we all need Vitamin C, it’s an essential nutrient for growth and repair in the body (including your skin). It’s a naturally occurring water-soluable antioxidant that is needed by your body to maintain collagen production (and we know how important collagen is for healthy skin)!

Is It Natural?

Vitamin C is a natural *vegan* ingredient - which is another reason why we love it - typically found in fruits, rosehip oil, some greens and in fact the world’s highest known source of Vitamin C is found in Australia’s Kakadu Plum (Teriminalia Ferdinandiana). An ingredient you’ll see in our skincare range.

Vitamin C when used effectively can be beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin and congested or acne prone skin but it’s incredibly effective for maturing skin. There are some variations of Vitamin C in skincare but the most common you’ll see is L-ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin?

Bright, Glowy, Luminous, Healthy skin.

Applying Vitamin C and using Vitamin C rich products can help your skin look brighter and healthier. It can also help support hydration and help to tone, clarify and promote a smoother skin texture.

It can also help in reducing the appearance of premature ageing.

There are so many wonderful benefits your skin will love from using Vitamin C in your skincare routine.

Can Vitamin C benefit all skin types?

Vitamin C when used effectively can be beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin and congested or acne prone skin but it’s incredibly effective for maturing skin. When using Vitamin C please be mindful of layering with other products with active ingredients.

Because it’s an active ingredient, there are other actives that don’t pair well with Vitamin C. Retinol (Vitamin A) should not be used with or layered with Vitamin C as you’re likely to see irritation. Because Retinol (Vitamin A) should not be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding, no products in our range use Retinol as an active ingredient but keep this in mind when you’re pairing products from different ranges.

AHAs And BHAs such as glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids should never be used with Vitamin C, and some people also stay away from pairing Vitamin C with Niacinamide (often found in Vitamin B).

[Personal note: I (Sarah) have sensitive skin and have found that some Vitamin C serums (usually the ones with a darker, more liquid texture) can make my sensitive skin a little stingy for a few minutes and if I’ve exfoliated in the last twenty-four hours this stingy-ness can be a little intense. Others can be quite sickly sweet scented and leave my skin sticky, like an orange glaze haha This is one of the biggest reasons why we tested, tested, tested Vitamin C serums and are super happy with our Queen Street Apothecary non-stingy, non-sticky formula].

How to use Vitamin C in your skincare routine:

The best way to use Vitamin C is through layering vitamin c rich skincare products throughout your routine. For example, our Toning Mist, Vitamin C + Rice Powder Crystal Exfoliator, Vitamin C Serum and our Firming Moisturiser all have Vitamin C within them (and if you check out our GLOWTime value pack you’ll see all about them).

You can use Vitamin C based products either morning or night, however we say that our Vitamin C Serum is best used in the morning and adding an SPF to your routine if you don’t currently use one.

Queen Street Apothecary Vitamin C Rich Products

Quandong + Kakadu Plum Toning Mist from Vegan Skin Care brand, Queen Street Apothecary

Quandong + Kakadu Plum Toning Mist 

Natural Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum is going to help brighten, refresh and tone your skin. The Quandong and the other active ingredients will be working hard for your skin all day long - so if you’re tired of toning mists that don’t do much, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results of this little beauty.

Find out more here.

Brightening Vitamin C Serum

This Brightening Vitamin C Serum contains a powerful 10% blend of Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum & Rosehip Extract. The clear, gel-based formula dries quickly without any stickiness or stingy-ness (winning). Naturally scented with the citrusy goodness of Mango Extract and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Find out more here.

Vitamin C + Rice Powder Exfoliating Crystals for a no-scratch scrub

Vitamin C + Rice Powder Crystal Exfoliator 

The Vitamin C + Rice Powder Crystal Exfoliator uses naturally high performing active ingredients (meaning they're free from synthetics) derived from mother nature herself. Our Vitamin C + Rice Powder Exfoliating Crystals work to cleanse and remove oil, dirt and debris whilst exfoliating dead skin cells. In these parts, we call it 'polishing' and boy does she polish up nicely!

Find out more here.

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